December 25, 2017

Personal Post | Family Trip to Montana

Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort

Merry Christmas! Right now I am enjoying some quality time with my wonderful family, but I wanted to share one of our adventures we had this year!

Earlier this year we flew to Montana to celebrate my Nonno and Nonna’s 25th Wedding Anniversary. I absolutely love Montana, if I could live there, I would, it is so beautiful, the city of Whitefish is so lovely. My mother flew up with us, and we met my aunt and her two beautiful children up there, it was so wonderful having the family together under one roof for the first time in many many years.



This was Leon’s first time seeing real snow, and he LOVED it! We enjoyed many adventures in the snow, their backyard is the most beautiful forest. Their sweet dog “Trey” is a Belgian Tervuren, and he so majestic, I could watch him bunny hop through the snow all day. We suited up, and Nonno hauled the children across the snow on a sled. Leon was full of giggles!



To celebrate their anniversary, they renewed their vows in the church, and my beautiful Nonna donned her wedding dress that she wore on their wedding day 25 years ago!



Montana is notorious for being overcast and cloudy far more than not. One night it was clear as could be and the moon was full. It was so bright outside, the moonlight reflected off the snow and it was the coolest sight I had ever seen! Look at the snow sparkle!



A trip to Montana is not complete with visiting the Whitefish Mountain Resort to go Skiing. Leon had an absolute blast learning to ski and he was hitting the slopes by the end of our trip! We had the most amazing instructors working with us and Leon adored his instructor.



At almost 5000 ft elevation the temperature was in the negatives! We also had fun on the plane when we had to sit at opposite ends, lol.



A side by side of my beautiful Nonna and Nonno on their wedding day 25 years ago! They are so beautiful together and are the biggest inspiration for a strong and lasting relationship. My Nonno is my confidant and I always go to him if I need advice. My Nonna gives amazing advice as well, but more than that, she is a strong beautiful woman that signifies “home” to me, and isn’t she absolutely gorgeous!!! All of my memories growing up as a child visiting them. The words do no justice for the amazingness that they embody.



Whitefish Mountain Resort | Whitefish Montana

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  1. Nonna says:

    Hi Sweetie!

    It’s your Nonna! Thank you – that was so beautiful.

    Your Nonno and I love you heart and soul!