April 16, 2017

Senior Photographer | Colton is Graduating

Seniors & Professional, Spring, Summer

There is something about senior photography that is just so fun. It allows me to come out of my un-posed documentary shell and stylize something. I love making my seniors feel like they were featured in a magazine, that is how I want all of my session to feel and look.

If you are a big sister to a brother, then you will understand the pride and excitement that wells within you when your baby brother graduates high school. Coming from a family of three children, and being the oldest, it was a huge step for our family to have the last of us to take this big leap. I know it will be heartbreaking for my parents when he finally leaves the nest. I took a trip up to North Carolina recently to attend his graduation. We celebrated in proper fashion with not only a party with the family, but a photo session as well. I love North Carolina, it is so beautiful! The forests, the greenery, the natural feel that I cannot get enough of. Unfortunately we were on limited time, so this was more of a mini session.

Growing up, before starting my own family, my brother was my pride and joy. He was born when I was 8 years old, and we were inseparable. It was especially hard when, after I moved out to start a life of my own, they moved half way across the country. I was so happy that I was able to not only attend his graduation but to capture him at this beginning stage of adulthood. I am so proud of you Colton!

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Senior Photography

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